Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel weaponized the law and used the power of her position to target and falsely charge her political opponents. In 2020, during the most highly contested election for this office, Adel and her staff conspired with law enforcement to violate the Constitutional rights of people who marched for Black Lives. Through the work of brave lawyers, journalists, and community organizers, every single one of those 39 cases that Adel and her office spearheaded were dropped, permanently.

Her tenure as County Attorney has now resulted in multiple investigations, high level resignations, multi-million dollar lawsuits, and a federal investigation by the Department of Justice. Not only has Adel failed to discharge the duties of the office, she continues to dodge accountability for misconduct she encouraged.

Adel has repeatedly lied to the public, claiming she didn’t know that her high-level leadership team in the First Responders Bureau had framed over three dozen protesters during the summer of 2020. She went on a press tour and staged fake press conferences to manipulate the public and control the narrative. She commissioned a shadow investigation with an infamous former gang detective, Clint Davis, to try to justify the unconstitutional actions of her staff under her leadership.

The culmination of all these facts makes it clear and evident that Allister Adel is a liar. She’s corrupt. She must be removed from office. 

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Here's why 928,950 people in Maricopa County voted to #DropAdel last year: