With a campaign bankrolled by people like this, how can Adel be trusted to ever maintain the integrity of her office and to stand for justice?



Contributions from police interests include $500 from Steve Serbalik, a lawyer for the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association. Serbalik has represented a Phoenix police sergeant fired for Facebook posts that were flagged as racist, another police officer fired for using excessive force and Jerry Geier, the fired police chief of Goodyear, Ariz. Adel received $200 from three other donors in local law enforcement.



Within weeks of her appointment last fall, Adel's biggest campaign contribution ($6450), came from Jeremy E. “Jerry” Simms, the notorious racetrack owner who was part of a California public corruption scandal where, by his own admission, he had twice bribed a state official. Simms long-standing history of alleged criminal activity also includes links to a Mafia-tied casino owner. Adel also received $4,654 from former Racing Commission chairman Melvin McDonald (and his colleagues at the Phoenix law firm Jones, Skelton, & Hochuli) who helped approve Simms’s own license and later went to work for him. 

Since taking office, Adel has already reorganized the Special Crimes Bureau which originally prosecuted gambling and public corruption cases.  With the changes she's made to this office and with a campaign proudly bankrolled by a donor mired in public corruption scandals, what can we really expect from Adel as County Attorney?


Attorneys and other employees of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office have donated $24,145 to Adel’s campaign. Three $100 donations came from Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor hired in 2018 by the Senate Judiciary Committee to question Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, in his confirmation hearings. Adel tweeted at the time that Mitchell was an “outstanding choice" and that “her experience and integrity are beyond reproach.” Others have critiqued Mitchell’s assessment of Ford’s allegations as slanted and misleading.

Adel, former executive director of the Maricopa County Bar Association, has also collected more than $43,000 in donations from criminal defense and DUI defense lawyers in Phoenix. They include attorneys at Struck, Love, Bojanski & Acedo ($8,850), a firm that specializes in defending police accused of wrongdoing, and Jones Skelton & Hochuli ($4,654), which maintains a practice in handling claims of government liability and use of excessive force.