Adel says "[police] officers do not get a greater benefit of the doubt than any other person facing criminal prosecution" but we know that this is absolutely NOT the truth. 



Adel has not brought charges against a single police officer in any one of the 28 fatal shootings involving police agencies in Maricopa County since taking office in 2019.

Adel refused to file charges against the AZ Department of Safety Trooper who killed Dion Johnson, a Black man, on a highway, which occurred on the same day George Floyd was murdered in Minnesota by police. This was only months before her election in November 2020, which resulted in Adel politically prosecuting dozens of protesters.

The other incidents in which she has failed to bring charges include multiple cases that are horrific and brutally unjust, but have received little public attention. For instance, officers who shot and killed a mentally ill man brandishing a pair of forceps in November 2019 have faced no charges thus far.

Adel has also failed to indict multiple officers who've been involved in high profile instances of harassment, including an officer who threatened to shoot a pregnant woman because her 4-year-old daughter allegedly took a doll from a dollar store.

Adel has maintained her office’s longstanding policy of aggressively pursuing marijuana cases—one of the most punitive in the nation. During her tenure, local police have continued conducting operations to counter marijuana use, and there is no sign she has refrained from pursuing convictions.