Multiple investigations have confirmed that Adel weaponized the law and used the power of her position to target and falsely charge her political opponents. In 2020, during the most highly contested election for this office, Adel and her staff conspired with law enforcement to violate the Constitutional rights of people who marched for Black Lives.


Through the work of brave lawyers, journalists, and community organizers, every single one of those 39 cases that Adel and her office spearheaded were dropped, permanently. ​ These political prosecutions have now resulted in multiple investigations, high level resignations, multi-million dollar lawsuits, and a federal investigation by the Department of Justice. All under Adel's reckless leadership.



Adel says "[police] officers do not get a greater benefit of the doubt than any other person facing criminal prosecution" but we know that this is absolutely NOT the truth. Since her appointment in 2019, Adel has not brought charges against a single police officer in any one of the 28 fatal shootings involving police agencies in Maricopa County. In fact, she has allowed her office to collude with law enforcement agencies in order to silence and prosecute her critics.

Adel's political campaign is funded and endorsed by some of the most racist and corrupt police unions in the state, so it's no wonder that she has refused to hold police accountable in her tenure as County Attorney. 



Adel’s 2020 campaign donors include a racetrack owner with a long history of alleged criminal activity, including bribes and links to a Mafia-tied casino owner. She has also received large sums from donors pushing neo-conservative causes and from defense attorneys representing clients prosecuted by Adel’s office. Adel's political campaign was also proudly funded and endorsed by some of the most racist and corrupt police unions in the state, such as the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, who she actually shared a spokesperson with during her election. 


With a campaign bankrolled by people like this, how can Adel be trusted to ever maintain the integrity of her office and to stand for justice?



Allister Adel has scored the endorsements of numerous abortion opponents, like Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, while at the same time pledging to enforce the state’s draconian anti-abortion laws if they are sustained by the Courts. Adel’s personal pronouncements focus primarily on her legal obligations, while largely eliding any expression of personal belief.